Monday, October 11, 2010

Invercargill, Catlins and Dunedin

Invercargill….What a shit hole! As I pulled in I instantly hated the place. It looked so run down, miserable and for the first time since being in New Zealand I was concerned about my car or the contents being where I left them the next morning. I should have known what to expect as, as I approached the town I saw my first KFC and McDonalds for 600k’s!

The hostel I stayed in was pretty sweet. I got the room for free and they were kind enough to give me my own room with a massive bed in, which was much appreciated and the first time I’ve had my own room and bed for a good 6 weeks. I spent the evening chilling with two crazy Canadian chicks and a dry witted English fella. The plan was to have a nice lye in then cruise through the Catlins in the morning.

Unfortunately the Catlins wasn’t what I was expecting and I was very disappointed. I was expecting a costal drive with lots to see, instead the drive was mainly inland and you had to detour to see the sights. After being in Milford and Doubtful and seeing numerous landmarks in NZ I really couldn’t be arsed to take any detours. I guess I was just in one of those moods, so I decided to give myself a kick up the ass and visit the next sight. I took the road to Mcleans Falls and as I turned the corner noticed that the falls was a 3k drive away. Against my better judgment I drove on and pulled into the car park. The next sign I saw read “Mcleans Falls, 40 minute return walk”. In the true words of a Kiwi, I thought to myself, Fuck I’m over this, got back in the car and drove to Dunedin without looking at another detour.   

From what I saw of Dunedin, I liked the atmosphere and the look of the place. Dunedin is a uni town and there were plenty of bars and clubs around. Unfortunately I arrived during exam week and the place was dead. I booked myself into the Speight’s Brewery tour and just had enough time to cook a quick steak. The word quick being key, which led to the steak being too rare, a road side incident the following day that I shouldn’t share in a blog and four or five days worth of serious stomach cramps. At least my stomach held for the tour and a few beers after in town.

Gold medals won from 1877 brewery awards

Funny ancient Egyption beer warning

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