Sunday, May 6, 2012

Genoa Boat Show

From our shipyard in Malta, we sailed straight to the boat show in Genoa, and had just four days to transform the boat from her yard state to show ready.

The purpose of the show was for brokers to look round each yacht, so they could put forward suitable vessels to their clients looking for a yachting vacation. Yachting related businesses were also in attendance - some had stands on the dock, while others would just visit the boats to promote their services.

The show spanned over three docks. We was moored on the main dock, opposite was a smaller dock with a third, a 15 minute ferry ride away. In the morning it was the deck crews job to wipe the boat clean of any dew or dust, and get her looking her best. When the show started at 10:00am, we would stand at the top of the passerelle to greet brokers, and deal with inquiries from the yachting related businesses.

In the evenings, after the show, there was always something going on for crew. Different stands held events, and on the final Friday of the show, there was a crew party. My drinking ban would soon be over! On the Tuesday, I went to a wine tasting stall with the rest of my crew. I drank orange juice, but had the tiniest sip from each of their wines. This was enough to get me thinking the next day when I was on passerelle watch about Friday’s crew party, and whether or not I should have a drink. In the end I decided that I would have a drink, and get involved in my first crew party.

Wednesday was our biggest day of the show. We had organised a lunch for the brokers, and our chef, Jared, was planning an eight course lunch. This is his first season in yachting, and wanted to show what he could do. In his words  “Go big or go home”. The lunch was a big success and to celebrate we went out for dinner. As I hadn’t drunk for three months, I decided I would warm up for Friday’s party and have a little drink. Two glasses of wine was enough to make me feel lightheaded and start feeling the effects of alcohol.

Edward Scissor Hands (aka Emily), Jack Sparrow (Me),
The Queen of Hearts (aka Kim), Ace Ventura (aka Al),
John McClane (aka Rob), Zohan (aka Jared).
Friday’s crew party was a Hollywood themed fancy dress party. I went as Jack Sparrow, wearing Kim’s blouse, and Emily’s waste coat, complete with eye liner, black finger nails and a felt tip goatee. Of course I needed to wear a felt tip goatee because I had to be clean shaven for the show – it had nothing to do with the fact that at 28, I still can’t grow one! I remember the party as being great fun, but my memory doesn’t stretch far past a certain point. I blame this on Jager, and mixing my drinks. I’ve now experienced the full range of the pendulum, from being sober, to getting it right, and getting out of control, or should I say wrong?

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